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dr. Suzanne Karsai Mediator

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My Mediation CV

Here comes a short enumeration of my activites as a Mediator.

Please note that this is not my complete CV, it only reflects my Mediation activites. This page it is constantly getting updated.


• 2015: Hungarian, state-recognized mediation qualification ( trained by Partners Hungary Foundation)

Accreditation by the Ministry of Justice of Hungary (N. KOO1083)

• 2017: Luxembourg state-recognized mediation qualification (trained by Institut Européen pour le Développement des Relations Sociales)


Accreditation for Civil, Commercial and Criminal Mediation by the Ministry of Justice of Luxembourg and for Family Mediation by the Ministry of Family of Luxembourg


• 2016/17: Member of the Mediation Working Group "The place of the child in divorce mediation" established under the auspices of the Partners Hungary Foundation, Co-author of the Recommendation of the Working Group

• November 2016: Co-organizer of the conference "Game Situations in Mediation" organized by Partners Hungary Foundation, Interpreter of the speaker: "Mediation experiences in terms of non-verbal communication and transaction analysis"

• March 2017: "Whose interest after all?" organized by Partners Hungary Foundation. Facilitator and Speaker of the Mediation conference: "Possibility of involving the child in mediation, presentation of a French model"

• April 2017: Speaker of "The Child in Focus" conference organized by the Újbuda Human Services Center: "Dilemmas of Child Involvement in Divorce Mediation"

• May-June 2017, February-June 2018: Junior Trainer of the open mediation training of the Partners Hungary Foundation

• May 2021, Speaker at the international conference "Participation in mandatory information on alternative dispute resolution - can the right legal environment be created?" organized by the Central European Mediation Institute

• December 2022, Sepaker at an event organized by the Central European Mediation Institute, about Cross-Border Family Mediation

•  April 2023, Speaker and Trainer at the Spring Webinars organized by the MiKK International Mediation Center for Family Conflict and Child Abduction (Germany), Title of the 3h Webinar: "The Promise of Transformative Mediation in Cross-border Family cases: The advantages and challenges"


• September 2016: "The cycle of the child - opening the door of mediation for the child" organized by the French Association Pere Mere Enfant Mediation (APME)

•June 2017: 1st Mediation Conference of Szeged organized by the University of Szeged, Faculty of Law

• May 2018: "Family mediation, special knowledge, skills and practical methods necessary for the effectiveness of child protection in mediation procedures", organized by the Central European Mediation Institute

• May 2018: "Conflits de haute intensité: l'approche transformative", Master Class in Paris, organized inter alia by APME, on the management of high-intensity conflicts through the method of transformative mediation

• April 2021: “The Role of Recognition in the Mediation Process” organized by Partners Hungary Foundation

• April 2021: “Techniques of Asking Questions for Mediators” organized by Partners Hungary Foundation

• June 2021: “AMICABLE Project Final Conference” closing conference of the MiKK International Mediation Center for Family Conflict and Child Abduction (Germany) on the possibilities of using cross-border mediation and the legal regulations of certain European countries

• From 2021: “Mediation Breakfast” Mediation case studies/role plays and supervision organized by the Centre de Médiation Civile et Commerciale (Luxembourg) (July 2021, September 2022, October 2022, November 2022, January 2023, March 2023, April 2023)

• August 2021: „Restorative practices” organized by Partners Hungary Foundation

• November 2021: "Conference on the Future of Europe, the Future of Mediation", professional conference organized by the Central European Mediation Institute

• December 2021: "Mediation in the EU: Language, Law and Practice" 2.5-day training organized by the Academy of European Law

• May 2022: "Conflicts at Work", professional conference organized by Partners Hungary Foundation


• September 2022: "Cross-Border Family Mediator (CBFM)" 50-hour advanced course by MiKK (MiKK e.V. International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction)

• April/May 2023: ISCT Virtual Institute's 24 hour Transformative Mediation- Basic Training by the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation


• 2018: member of the former Mediator Academy

• since 2018: member of Central European Mediation Institute

• since 2022: member of MiKK



• Author in the "Professional Articles" section of the page operated by Partners Hungary Foundation

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