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I propose trainings customized according to your needs in relation to the following topics:

- mediation

- international family mediation

- conflict resolution skills

- communication

- intercultural communication

- empathy

- non- violent communication.

Grey Theme Objects

I believe in interactive and experience-based learning, my training are all engaging and based on active participation.

I have been training groups since 2016, in different domains, among others:

- Mediation trainings (conflict resolution and communication)

- Intercultural communication trainings (assertive communication, empathy),

- Mental well-being groups, based on positive psychology interventions,

- Resilience trainings for parents based on positive psychology interventions.

I really like working with groups, born into a family with several generations of teachers, I enjoy this role and the possibility of transmitting knowledge to others.

I became a certified Trainer after completing a "Train the trainer" training at Antener (Hungary).

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