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I am Suzanne Karsai, I am a mediator, a lawyer and a trainer.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an ENFJ, a "teacher" one of those "people person".

I believe in nonviolent communication.

My character strengths - according to the terminology of the VIA Model in Positive Psychology - are love of learning, teamwork and social intelligence.



I became fond of Mediation when I did my first training in Hungary.

I soon realized that being a Mediator is not only a profession, it is also a specific approach to life. An approach where the goal is to better understand each other, to be able to better communicate, meaning both expressing ourselves and listening to the other party. Mediation is also about believing in the ability and willingness of the parties to recognize their respective needs and to try to find a way forward together. As a Mediator it is my job to facilitate this road. (To learn more about my Mediation activities, please consult my Mediation CV). Though trained and currently practicing as a "facilitative mediator", I do believe that the real potential of conflict resolution lies in the transformative model, I therefore aspire to become every day more and more "transformative" in my practice.

I am also a Lawyer who has worked in various national and international administrations (Ministry of Justice of Hungary, European Commission, European Court of Justice, Ministry of Justice of Luxembourg). I find that my legal knowledge and global understanding of European legal systems is reassuring to all parties working with me. I am currently in charge of Alternative Dispute Resolution files (Mediation and Restaurative Justice) and of the respective legislation at the Ministry of Justice of Luxembourg. As a Lawyer it is also my job to promote Mediation.

After training in Positive Psychology Interventions, I volunteered to give Happiness Lessons in Hungary and in Luxembourg with the intention to promote mental health. The aim was to give simple tools in the hands of the participants to boost their well-being in everyday situations. The course proved to be a success and contributed to my decision to join my colleagues in founding the Positive Psychology Association of Luxembourg. As a Board Member of the Association I am currently exploring ways in which Positive Psychology can be useful in Mediation and how the relational worldview of Transformative Mediation relates to the findings of Positive Psychology.

I am an external mediator for workplace conflicts at the "Institut de Formation de l'Éducation Nationale" in Luxembourg and also a newly accredited mediator of the Centre de Médiation Civile et Commerciale of Luxembourg. I also intervene on a case-by-case basis as a mediator of several non-profit associations. In 2023, I have been appointed as an "Ambassador" of the MiKK International Mediators' Network, promoting Cross-Border Family Mediation.


Legal Studies

2009 Master of Law, dr. iur.

ELTE University (Hungary)

2009 Maitrise en Droit Comparé

Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II (France)

2012 Hungarian Administrative Proficiency exam

2014 Hungarian Bar exam

Mediation Studies

2017 Mediator Accreditation (Luxembourg)

Ministry of Justice, Luxembourg

Trained by Institut Européen des Relations Sociales (2016/17, Luxembourg)

2015 Accredited Training for becoming Mediator (Hungary)

Ministry of Justice, Hungary 

Trained by Partners Hungary Alapítvány (2015, Hungary)

2022 Cross-Border Family Mediator Accreditation (Germany)

Trained by MiKK (2022, Berlin)

Coaching, "Train the trainer" and Positive Psychology Trainings

2016 Happiness Coach based on Positive Psychology Interventions

Trained by The World is Better With You Foundation (Hungary)

2017 Relationship Coach, Marriage Counselor, Trainer Trained by Relationship Coaching and Mediation Institute (Hungary)

2022 Trainer

Trained by Antener Oktatásszervező Kft. (Hungary)

2022 Mental Health First Aider

Trained by Centre d'Information et de Prévention de la Ligue (Luxembourg)


  • English

  • French

  • Hungarian

  • Luxembourgish

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