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The Great Mediation Debate of 2021

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

"Do the potential benefits of mandatory mediation far outweigh the costs? The topic of mandatory mediation is one that has been debated for decades with no conclusive majority falling either side of the motion, but things are about to change."

These are the introductory lines of Aled Davies Co-Founder and CEO of Mediator Academy to an online event taking place this Thursday 25 November at 7pm CET (6 pm London time).

I may be a Mediation geek :), but I honestly think that this really sounds exciting! Join me, if interested.

Earlier this year (spring 2021), I had the honour to talk about the perspective Mediation reform in Luxembourg as a guest Speaker of a Conference organized by KEMI, the Central European Mediation Institute.

As I had the opportunity to present, one of the key issues we are currently dealing with in Luxembourg is whether Information Sessions on Mediation (so not Mediation itself, only a session about it) should be made mandatory or not.

But the question of this debate goes even further: should the parties be obliged to go all the way?

Let's here what the experts invited by the Mediator Academy have to say!


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