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Divorce Coaching


Maybe you would be ready and open to go to Mediation, but the other party is not open to this option.

In this case, I offer you the possibility to have Divorce Coaching with me.

(Please note that I can not mediate in a case where I acted as a Divorce Coach of one of the parties).

What does Divorce Coaching imply

When Mediation is not possible, the Mediator still has the possibility to work on the conflictual situation with one of the parties.

Besides being a Mediator, I am also a Relationship Coach, trained in Positive Psychology Interventions. Last, but not least I am also a Lawyer.

From the combination of my above-mentioned roles, as a Divorce Coach, I can offer you the follwing help:

  • Talking through your situation: your struggles, your fears, your goals and your opportunities

  • Asking the relevant questions for you to see more clearly: what would you like to achieve and what is realistic

  • Identifying your Character Strengths that will help you get through these challenging times

  • If children are involved, talking through the effects of the divorce on them

  • Talking through communication techniques that can help you in case of conflict

  • Preparing you to the legal procedure of divorce - helping you understand the legal background of your situation (please note that I do not give legal advice), including the parts an Attorney-at-law will not have the time/training to tell you about: the emotional burden and how to find coping mechanisms

  • Identifying the list of professionals you will eventually need to contact (Attorney-at-law, Notary, Real-estate agent, Financial specialist, Psychologist)

  • Putting together a Divorce Strategy reflecting your needs and your possibilites

  • Giving you space and time to reflect on what is happening and why

  • Helping you prepare the next step and the next chapter of your life

  • Keeping you emotionally stable, wiring you to a positive mindset.

After a first consultation, we decide on the number of sessions that will be necessary or agree on a regular (e.g. weekly) meeting with each other to get you through divorce together.


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